Articles in International Association of Charities – Ladies of Charity

Tamar Project Offers Training to Women Victims of Violence in Peru

The Tamar project was created in response to the high rates of violence against women in the Awajun community in Peru.

AIC Madagascar: Emergency Aid Report After the Impact of Cyclone Batsirai

The powerful tropical cyclone Batsirai hit Madagascar on Saturday February 5, 2022 in the evening with gusts at 146 mph, causing significant and widespread damage.

Lenten Message from Rose de Lima, President of AIC

Although the many worries of life are still present and do not seem to want to leave us, we, AIC volunteers, should not be discouraged by the challenges that affect our respective countries.

Batsirai Cyclone in Madagascar

Once again, Madagascar has been hit by a natural disaster that has received little media coverage. This time, the Batsirai Cyclone traced a path of devastation from the south-eastern coast across the southern highlands to the coast of Mozambique, devastating mainly...

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