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Vincentian Family Office

Interview with Sister M. Massimiliana Proykova – Eucharistic Sisters

We are the Eucharistic Sisters, a religious congregation of the Byzantine-Slavic rite and we are happy to be part of the great Vincentian Family.

New Year’s Letter from Bro. Stockman, Superior General of the Brothers of Charity

First of all, we wish you all a blessed and peaceful 2022. Thank you for the many wishes we received and we hope to share with you that blessing and peace in the new year.

Activities of the International Formation Center (CIF) for the Vincentian Family (2022)

At this time, I want to inform you about the activities  that are scheduled for 2022. At the International Formation Center (CIF) in Paris, we work to spread the Vincentian charism and spirituality.

“Shelter Flats” 13 Houses Project of the Vincentian Family in Asturias (Spain)

Since January 2021, the “13 houses project” has been consolidated and, to a large extent, has been able to achieve its main objectives, namely, provide autonomy to the people housed in the homes we manage.

International Water Day

International Water Day

This week and every week, as we celebrate #InternationalWaterDay, let us be more cognizant of our responsibility to limit water-waste, to fund sustainable water projects around the world, and to appreciate what keeps us alive.

The Little Big Woman

The Little Big Woman

There are innumerable women who shaped our history, those who with their words, their silences, their strength or their sensibilities were showing us the maternal face of God.

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