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John Freund is a Vincentian priest with a passion for promoting collaboration among the many people inspired by Saints Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac and who welcomes your engagement. Share your ideas and experiences!
Verbal difference between Francis and Benedict

Verbal difference between Francis and Benedict

According to the Huffington Post...Data journalist Chris Walker conducted a word frequency analysis on the first hundred speeches of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict to get a visual representation of their priorities. Francis clearly emphasized poverty and poor far...

Vincentian Magi – then and now?

Vincentian Magi – then and now?

Have you thought about what gifts we as a Vincentian Family and individual followers  Vincent and Louise bring to the "stables" today? As I read a post "Third Millennium Wisemen" focused on the gifts of our last three Popes that was the question I found myself asking....

What did Pope say and do?

It seems as if the media can not get enough of Pope Francis. FamVin has been no exception. Since his election as Pope FamVin has post some 80 articles with the identifying tag "Pope". Many of these posts have highlighted what he has said ... done... that resonate with...