Helping All Become More Fully Alive

If we can listen to one another with respect and belief in what is possible for them we will be taking the next step to making it possible for each of us to become more fully alive.

Pope Francis’ Encyclical Read as a Puzzle

In a beautiful document on the call to human community, Pope Francis offers the “Good Samaritan” as a lens through which we can look at the many serious problems of a polarized and insensitive world.

Speaking Truth to Power

Pope Francis and St. Vincent spoke truth to power. What guidelines might be helpful consider in speaking truth to power?

EMMY Blesses Good News!

“God is with us. This is the message of hope that we want to shout from the rooftops, that we want to beam over the airwaves, that we want to put on the front page of our publications and post on our social media accounts.”

Change Agents – Our Heritage

A description of a change agent – “one who can make changes happen by inspiring and influencing others.” How does that fit you, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Vincentian Family?

Seeing Potential and Fostering It In Young People

It has been written of Frederic Ozanam: “While innovators wore themselves out with theories for changing the world, these young men set about climbing up to the floors where the misery of the poor hid.”

Our Father – A Radical Prayer?

The kingdom is waking up to being sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters to one another. In a polarized world what could be a more radical change in consciousness?

That “Other” Virus

I am not aware of anyone writing about the impact of Zooming on the Vincentian Charism. I offer this “Mindwalk” as personal reflections.

Praying for All Creation

Throughout a month-long celebration, the world’s 2.2 billion Christians come together to care for our common home.

Do You Remember 9/11… and 8/4?

The explosion on 8/4 will be seared into the minds of every person in Lebanon. Beirut, with its estimated 300,000 homeless is almost already forgotten in world media.

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