The Declaration of Independence – Read It Recently?

I confess Almost 250 years ago on July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress set in motion a major systemic change for the United States of America… also the whole world. We know it as “The Declaration of Independence.” I confess that until last year I had not read...

Who You Calling a Vincentian”?

Who is a VIncentian? Is it an organization, a mindset, a federation of religious organizations? Let me suggest that it is a way of looking at things shared by a number of people.

Systemic Change In a Time of National Unrest

“Respect for minorities is to be considered the touchstone of social harmony and the index of the civic maturity attained by a country and its institutions” St. John Paul II

What is the Most Important Room In the World?

What is the most important room in the history of the world… and our lives? The Oval Office, Buckingham Palace? … Would you believe a simple “upper room” in Jerusalem! Why? Because in that room on the day we call Pentecost, the most powerful movement in history was...

COVID19 – Insights for Vincentians

Mindwalk is a vehicle for contact, inspiration, mutual support. In short, a place of mutual encounter where people share their experience, learn from one another and inspired in their following of Christ the evangelizer of the Poor.

Think Like a Mother

There’s a simple and powerful way to confront the world’s most pressing crises, says women’s rights activist Yifat Susskind in a Ted Talk – think like a mother!

Vincentian Solidarity Against COVID-19

Vincentian solidarity against COVID-19: 13 Houses Campaign and Coronavirus The "13 Houses" Campaign is expanding due to COVID-19 to support the poorest of the poor and the homeless. All monies raised by the Famvin Homeless Alliance through Depaul International will be...

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