Vincentian Places 17 – Cahors

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In 1643, Alain de Solminihac, the bishop, baron and count of Cahors, whose memory is held in such veneration in all the Church because of the eminent virtues with which his life was graced, brought the Congregation of the Mission to his diocese.

Bishop Alain de Solminihac (1593-1659) was born in Perigord, he became abbot of Chancelade near his home town. He worked strenuously for the reformation of that abbey and of others. He was named bishop of Cahors in 1636. He established a seminary for the formation of his clergy and entrusted it to Saint Vincent. He died in 1659, at age sixty-seven. Pope John Paul II beatified him in 1981.

Bishop Solminihac was noted for his pastoral vigilance, his zeal for the glory of God and for the salvation of the people of his diocese. He was sensitive to the unique graces he recognized in Monsieur Vincent and in his institute. He felt he would do a great service to his diocese by inviting the Congregation of the Mission to open a house in Cahors.

Source: VincentWiki: Abelly Book 1, Chapter 46

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