The Rosalie Projects: As the Water Flows

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Thanks to the “As the water flows” project, Irinka has finally been able to enjoy a clean and functional bathroom at the age of 60.

Slightly mentally handicapped, Irenka lives in Brandys nad Labem (Czech Republic) and works in workshops where she folds envelopes and paper bags.

“Irinka has been teased since childhood because of her disability. She wants to live a full life and is making great efforts to integrate into society. Until now, Irenka has had nowhere to wash. Her income is low: she can only pay for her food and basic expenses”. Sr Veronika

Irinka lives alone in her house and lived for 11 years without heating until a loyal donor to the Daughters of Charity provided her with a stove to keep her warm in winter.

Repairs to the bathroom and sanitary facilities were urgently needed so that Irinka could take a shower and go to work with dignity.

« We started the project in May. First of all, we had to demolish the old bathroom and prepare everything for the rebuild. Then the plumbers came and redid the water pipes. The man from the parish did the electricity for us and didn’t want to be paid for his work.

The bricklayer was finally able to come and prepare everything needed to install the bath and tile it. When he had finished, the plumber’s work resumed: he installed the shower, the WC area and the washbasin. Finally, we painted and cleaned the bathroom.» Sr Veronika

«The bathroom will now be used by Irenka so that she can be clean and feel at ease among people, as well as in the workshops for her new job.» Sr Veronika

Thank you so much for supporting Irinka.

Sr Veronika Margeťáková, DC



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