The Rosalie Projects: Like no other

by | May 26, 2024 | Daughters of Charity, News | 0 comments

The aim of the “Like no other” project was to refurbish the laundry room of a Centre for Children of Differing Abilities run by the Daughters of Charity in the Republic of Albany.

“It’s a great help that came at the right time.” Sr Elizabetë.

The centre is home to 30 young orphans with physical and mental disabilities. It was necessary to provide them with better hygiene to protect them from the risk of disease and improve their day-to-day comfort.

The sisters went to buy a professional tumble dryer, delivered to the Centre.

The new lockers, storage shelves and laundry bins have been installed. The young people helped to put the clothes away.


Thanks to you, the sisters have been able to buy a stock of good quality hygiene and washing products.


“The young people’s clothes are now very well washed and kept in good condition. The generous hand of all the benefactors never ceases to do good to people in need like our Children at the Centre.” Sr Elizabetë

With them, thanks to you!




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