On the 400th anniversary of the Pentecostal “Light” of St. Louise de Marillac

by | Jun 6, 2023 | News, Vincentian Family

On the weekend of June 3 and 4, the Opening of the IV Centenary of the “Light of Pentecost” took place, an event that reminds us of that day when St. Louise de Marillac had the revelation from the Holy Spirit that transformed her whole life.

During these days, the relics of St. Louise were transferred from the Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Mission to the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity in Paris.

Relive the celebrations in the following videos:

June 3: Jubilee Opening Celebration (part one):

June 3: Opening Celebration of the Jubilee (part two):

June 3: Prayer Vigil with St. Louise:

June 4: Eucharist for the 400th anniversary of the Lumière:



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