Lent 2023: Our Lady of Lezajsk, With Father Gregory J. Semeniuk, CM

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Formation

In this video, Fr. Gregory J. Semeniuk, CM, Vice President for Mission Integration for Niagara University in Lewiston, New York, discusses the apparition of Our Lady of Lezajsk and reflects on how we can embrace the Blessed Mother’s example during Lent.



The apparition in question for today’s reflection took place in the area called Lezajsk, Poland, and this particular manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a man named Thomas Michaelek. One day he was walking through the woods and then all of a sudden he sees this bright light and he draws close to it, and a beautiful image of the Blessed Mother appears to him, and she speaks to him and she asks Thomas to go to the authorities of the Church, and present Mary’s initiative to build a church in the area. But he was so frightened that he didn’t say anything.

Time passed by, and he was walking in that same area, and once again he saw the vision and this time the Blessed Mother reminded him that she had given him a command, a mission, and she asked why he did not fulfill it. So at that point, he kind of changed his mind and he went to the curate and he informed them of this command that came from the Blessed Mother and her wish. The priest kind of reacted somewhat suspiciously, and in fact he kind of rejected the whole idea of this message. But as it turned out, when the curate did pass away, Thomas persevered and the church was built there, and it continues to this day as a Basilica. This is a place where they can receive consolation, and to this day it’s a very active pilgrimage site.

So, in that same spirit of Lent as we pray and reflect, and are mindful of those who are suffering, and reach out to them and share our resources, we also find that our hearts become a little softer, our minds become a little more open. In Lent, we try to follow God’s agenda. And sometimes it’s difficult, and that’s why we have to ask for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit kind of anticipates our “yes” and prods us when we resist, and gently leads us to that place where we find true happiness and meaning in life. So we’re on a very exciting journey during this time of Lent, following in the footsteps of Our Lady. There are many things that our spiritual Mother wants to teach us. So, I encourage all those who are tuned in to this video series to continue to do so, to persevere, to seek your message, and you’ll find an answer.

“Lent: Through the Eyes of Mary” is an original video series produced by the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal in collaboration with the Vincentians of the Eastern Province, USA.


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