Love, Inventive to Infinity

by | Nov 14, 2022 | News | 1 comment

This story was featured at a charity luncheon and dinner hosted at Nazareth in October 2022.

“Love is inventive even to infinity.”

At the time of the devastating Nepal earthquake of 2015, these words of St. Vincent de Paul were a significant inspiration and support. It might have seemed, in the face of thousands of deaths, injuries, destruction of homes, and millions of displaced persons, that anything the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth could do would be like a drop of water on a hot stone.

Nonetheless, they did what was before them and did it with great love. When an ensuing water crisis compounded their efforts, it was Sister Aisha Kavalakattu who, against all odds, gave the much-needed leadership, inspiring collaboration, and hope.

Aisha is a name that means “she who lives” … and Sister Aisha was aptly named. Through the living of her life, she reflects the words of Jesus to love God and neighbor.

The following video is a look at the progress of a water project in Koshi Dekha, the involvement of the people, the dedication of the team, and the example of simplicity in Sister Aisha. Yes, love is inventive, even to infinity … and you are about to see a story of that inventive love in action.



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  1. Dr.Jose Vattakuzhy

    Good initiative and imperative to other do so like

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