Hope in the Face of Adversity: Nadia and Raoul Update

by | Oct 17, 2022 | News

Today we bring you an update to a previous .famvin article, Hope in the Face of Adversity

Dear Seton Associates:

I am pleased to let you know that Nadia has finished her cancer treatment. She went through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation with little pain or discomfort. She and Raoul are thrilled and greatly relieved. Her doctors are absolutely delighted with how well she has done. Nadia is now cancer free!!

From the beginning, there have been so many miracles along the way in Nadia’s journey to the U.S. Getting both Nadia and Raoul their U.S. VISAs, finding the hospital to provide pro-bono treatment, and locating host families were all miracles!. But another miracle happened right among our own Seton Associates who so generously contributed the funds needed to help pay for their living expenses while in New Jersey.

Nadia has several more infusion therapies to boost her immune system before she returns back to Haiti. The last one is mid-November. But, Nadia does not want to leave before her birthday on November 27th. So, we are planning a birthday celebration and a going home party on 11/27/22, here at the Motherhouse. Please mark your calendar. I will send out a more formal invitation and announcement next month.

I am also attaching a collage of some pictures of Nadia and Raoul. Despite the ordeal this has been for both of them, they have also had some very fun times!

Several of you have asked me over the months if Nadia and Raoul needed anything. I said no because, at the time, we had everything covered. But as they leave the U.S, there are still some unmet medical expenses we need to take care of and we are trying to raise some money to send with them back to Haiti. If you feel so led, any and all contributions would be helpful.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.


Additionally, for those who are interested in our overall Haiti Ministry, I am attaching a recent program update.

Haiti Program Information


Source: Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth Office of Vocation and Mission Engagement Newsletter



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