International Formation Center in Paris (CIF): Activities for the Year 2023

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Dear brothers and sisters the Vincentian Movement:

May the grace of Jesus Christ, evangelizer of the poor, remain with us!

I am sending you information about the programs that the International Formation Center (CIF) will sponsor during 2023 for the Vincentian Family.

First, however, a brief reflection: We have come out of the COVID pandemic, and CIF is committed to providing the members of the Vincentian Family with quality formation. In other words, we want the CIF to be able to offer the best in every aspects: community life, prayer, formal presentations, reflection, pilgrimages, and lodging. We want every aspect of the various formation programs to be the best.  For this to happen, we affirm here that the most important aspect is our human resources, Here I am speaking about not only the directors of CIF, but also the various presenters, the staff at the Mother House, the members of the General Curia, and of course, the participants. We want to create a CIF that works in a simple, functional and human manner. We want to be creative as we provide quality formation. This is our hope and aspiration as we plan our 2023 programs.

We also hope that the number of participants will increase. Ideally, all sessions should have at least 25 participants. It should be noted that today CIF can accommodate up to 37 people. In order to increase our numbers we recognize the need to improve our communication and provide you with the necessary information. I also remind you of a simple truth, CIF is part of the Vincentian Movement, it is part of you. CIF will only take on this new life if the various Vincentian congregations, associations and institutions encourage their members to participate in our various programs.

Programs will be offered simultaneously in English, Spanish and French. In all our programs, formal presentations and pilgrimages to Vincentian places of interest are combined with a deeper community life and prayer.

In 2023 we begin, for the first time, to offer a CIF program outside of France … and we are looking at doing this again in 2024. If some congregation or association wants to do it in their country, please send your request to me and together we can look at the best possible manner to organize such a formation session.

Here I present the programs that CIF will sponsor in 2023:

I CIF Encounter for Ongoing Formation in Asia: Sunday, March 5 to Sunday, March 26. Manila. Philippines. Members of the Vincentian Family in the Philippines, as well as from nearby Asian countries, are invited to participate in this program.

VI CIF FOR THE VINCENTIAN FAMILY. Sunday, July 2 to Wednesday, July 26.  This program will take place at the Motherhouse in Paris,  95, rue de Sevres. 75006 Paris. France. In this Encounter formal presentations are combined with visits to Vincentian places of interest. We will explore the rich Vincentian theology and examine possible solutions to the problems that afflict the poor. In addition, this year we will offer some presentations on the importance of communication within the Vincentian Family. Cost 1950 euros.

 Some practical information.

[1] Since the Motherhouse in Paris organizes the manner in which the rooms are utilized, we ask participants to arrive the same day or the day before the beginning of the program. Also, participants should place on leaving Paris on the day that the program concludes or the following day. Very often the same rooms have been reserved for other groups.

[2] The cost of these programs includes all expenses. There are not hidden costs. Let me remind you that the best method to pay for these programs is for the participant to pay in cash.

[3] Remember that France requires people from many countries to apply for a visa to enter France. This process is usually long and complex. For those who need a visa, the French government requires the following documents: photocopy of passport; date of entry and exit from France; photocopy of Travel Medical Insurance. If this is done with sufficient time, there should be no problems. For those who do not need a visa, it is rather simple. One only has to complete the registration that we will send you a few days before traveling. We recommend that you take out a Travel Medical Insurance.

We are looking forward to seeing you here in Paris or the Philippines. We are confident that the participants will return home with a stronger commitment to evangelize the poor in the manner of Jesus, evangelizer of the poor.

In St Vincent,

Fr. Andrés MOTTO, CM, ThD
Director of CIF

PS: to confirm the presence of the participants please, send me an email via this email address:


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