Chronicle of the 43rd General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission, July 13

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Congregation of the Mission, News

After celebrating the Eucharist, the delegates gathered at 9:30 hours.

After some announcements, the moderator invited the delegates to gather in Continental Groups in order to conclude the work that was begun yesterday afternoon. He reminded the delegates to return to the Hall at 15:30 hours.

The session began at 15:30 hours and Father Giuseppe Turati provided some details about tomorrow’s audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Then the delegates called upon the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. A video was presented about the first missionaries in Vietnam, the various ministries of the confreres, the progressive development of vocations and the extension of its ministries.

The secretary of the Assembly represented the Minutes of July 12th which were approved unanimously.

In the name of the commission, Father Rolando GUTIÉRREZ reminded the delegates this was the time to share in a plenary session the lines of action of the respective continental groups. The secretaries of the distinct continental groups (which met durng the afternoon of July 12th and the morning of July 13th) presented their reports. At the same time the delegates were given the opportunity to coment on the various reports. The secretaries of these groups were affirmed with an applause from the delegates.

Father Hugo VERA expressed the desire of the Office of Communication to record a video of the new General Council and other videos with a representative of the various Continental Groups. He also offered some details with regard to a group picture of the delegates. Time for a break.

After the break, the moderator announced that the delegates would now conclude the work of discussing and voting on the Postulata and Decrees presented to the Assembly, a task that continued for the remainder of the aftrernoon session.

The moderator brought the session to a conclusion as we prayed Evening Prayer.


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