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In February, we held a virtual meeting for all the presidents/representatives and heard from them concerning their groups. Here is a very brief summary of some of the activities of MISEVI. We’ll begin with Latin America where many countries are active.

Argentina has three different MISEVI groups throughout the country, all committed to supporting a missionary who is serving in Bolivia, in collaboration with Spain and MISEVI International.

Brazil, along with Panama and El Salvador, are still working at forming groups, as they have been very much affected by covid restrictions.

Peru is one of our newer members and they are preparing for their first assembly. Mexico, having met virtually during covid, is also preparing for an assembly.

Costa Rica recently elected a new president and they are reorganizing, having been dispersed during the last two years.

Despite the complicated situation in Venezuela, members continue to accompany the mission project, Evangelization and Human Projection, which is close to completion. In the meantime, members in Venezuela are working toward new projects in smaller groups.

Cuba and the Dominican Republic have recently had their statutes approved and are in the process of organization.

To round out Latin America, Colombia will hold an assembly in November to elect a new Board, and they have begun work on a training plan, “Ministry of Advice,” to be used during the next three years.

In another part of the world, Lebanon and Egypt are part of the same province and they share many similarities. They are having some economic struggles, but continue to meet with the Vincentians in their countries.

Changes are occurring in Spain, the birthplace of MISEVI. They have a new national team and are working with missionaries in Bolivia and Angola, while looking for additional missionaries.

Slovakia and Poland are both involved in serving refugees from Ukraine, along with other members of the Vincentian Family there.

Finally, in Ireland there is a new dynamic coordinating team as they continue their relationships with missions in Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia. The United States also has a project similar to Ireland, where missionaries go for short-term experiences in Vincentian missions. The U.S. is also addressing racial justice issues in their formation programs.

As you can imagine, Covid has had a major effect on all of the missionaries and the countries from which they come and to which they are going. As the world recovers from Covid, so, too, MISEVI missionaries, who continue to be eager to serve those who are living in most vulnerable situations.

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    God bless your zeal and efforts in the service of those those living in poverty.I am really impressed and challenged.More greasy to your elbows