Journey Through Lent With Saints Vincent and Louise

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Formation

Today’s quote:

We’re beggars; let’s make ourselves such toward God; we’re poor and weak, we need God everywhere, especially in the observance of this teaching which obliges us to seek God before anything else– which we can do only by His Spirit. Asking Him for it is still not enough; we have to adopt the practice of this Rule and begin to do it tomorrow. To do what? To practice the virtues it presupposes; zeal for His glory, detachment from created things, and confidence in the Creator; to make interior and exterior acts of it; to think often about it and, if we fall, to get up again.

Vincent de Paul (Volume: 12 | Page#: 122) Seeking the Kingdom of God, 21 February, 1659

How does my life reflect my passion and love for life in Christ? Am I able to recognize my own limits, my weaknesses, my shortcomings, my failings before others? Is my action refreshed with contemplation or do I fall into activism?


Quotes sources: Saint Vincent de Paul / Correspondence, Conferences, Documents; Brooklyn, NY: New City Press, 1999; Pierre Coste, Editor. Spiritual writings of Louise de Marillac. Edited and translated from the original French edition by Louise Sullivan, D.C. Brooklyn, New York: New City Press, 1991.


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