The Vincentian Family in the Philippines is providing emergency shelter kits with your donations

by | Feb 20, 2022 | News | 1 comment

The Vincentian Family in the Philippines is working to provide emergency shelter for those affected by Typhoon Odette/Rai in late December. Thanks to the generous donations to the Vincentian Family Philippines Appeal, our brothers and sisters can provide more emergency shelters kits for those who have lost their homes.

Each shelter kit costs $300 per family, and so far the Appeal has collected over $15000. With that, the Vincentian Family in the Philippines can provide up to 52 kits, but we want to help at least 100 families. Each kit contains:

  • 10 pieces of corrugated iron
  • 10 pieces of sawali (a type of traditional woven split-bamboo mats used as walls, panelling, or wall cladding)
  • 2kg of roof nails
  • 4kg of assorted common nails

Please donate whatever you can to show solidarity with our Vincentian Family in this time of desperate need.


1 Comment


    God will make a way for their project. He is the only one that can touch the heart of people to donate to those who are in need. God bless the team in Philippines.

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