Vincentian Prayer Images: One of the Great Saints of History XV

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Formation, Reflections

Let the image and the text sink in, and take root. These images might surprise you into prayer at various points in your day.

The originality of Saint Vincent’s version of Christianity

The Daughters of Charity should be more than poor. They should literally, not metaphorically, be the servants of the poor. While the rich have many persons to serve them, the poor have no servants but the Daughters of Charity. They should consider the poor as their lords and masters: clean their rooms, wash their houses, make their bed, bring them something to eat, heal them with their own hands…

Source: The religious experience of Saint Vincent de Paul by José María Román, C.M. • Third Asian Vincentian Institute (Mother House, Paris, September-December 2006).

This is another image in our series of “Praying Our Heritage.”

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