Working for Access to Vaccinations

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

In India, SCNs Asrita Lugun and Gracy Thombrakudy have visited the labor office a number of times to request the office conduct a vaccination camp for the migrants of the district. The repeated appeals of the Sisters was heard. The Assistant Labour Officer informed Sister Gracy that a vaccination program for the migrants in all the Primary Health Centers [PHC] of the Kozhikode district was set to take place. Those wanting a vaccination were instructed to approach the nearest PHC for vaccination on August 28. Sister Gracy informed all migrant leaders, contractors, and house owners about the vaccination drive and encouraged them to reach as early as possible after registering per the instructions. She also identified the various centers that might be closest to the migrants’ workplace or settlement.

Choosing the PHC at Mavoor as the best possible location for a large number of migrants, Sisters Asrita and Gracy reached the center the morning of August 28 to assist. Sister Asrita was very helpful in reaching out to migrants from Odisha and parts of Jharkhand. Over 100 migrants were vaccinated that day. As the pandemic continues to have its hold on the lives of people, Sisters share these migrants are delighted to have taken the first dose of the vaccination free of cost. They add, such steps offer protection to a great extent when it comes to COVID-19. Click here to see photos from the Sisters.