From DePaul University: Cultivating Student Success By Providing Information Technology Services

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Formation

In this video from their “Seeds of the Mission” series, Tyneka Harris Coronado talks about her work at DePaul as being a mix of Servant Leadership and Vincentian Personalism (the Vincentian family’s dedication to human dignity and holistic care).


From DePaul’s Mission and Ministry Department blog:

“Servant leadership is rooted in active listening. For the Vincentian family, this means building relationships with a community, hearing their stories, and understanding their needs before taking action. As Vincentians, we do not seek to “fix” but rather to be in solidarity. This requires asking the questions, “What do you need? How can I be of service?” before taking action. It is a way of rejecting the false sense of savior-ism and seeking instead mutual, meaningful relationships…. Servant Leadership is inseparable from Vincentian Personalism; both are bound up in the way Vincentians see and treat people.”


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