Vincentian Prayer Images: What Moved Saint Vincent? VI

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

Here is another in our series of “Praying Our Heritage.” The series illustrates quotes from key figures in the Vincentian Heritage.

Let the image and the quote sink in, and take root. These images might surprise you into prayer at various points in your day.

What Moved Saint Vincent?
And What Moved Him Toward Those Who Are Poor?

He sees where that [divine] love is going. He is taken by its direction, and that is out to the farthest reaches and down to the lowest levels. He comes to appreciate that the divine loving in Jesus is directed particularly to the people on the bottom rungs. And so those who are poor become those to whom Vincent feels especially sent to love. Just as importantly, they are a window to him onto where God’s love is appearing in the world. As the least of the brothers and sisters to whom Jesus is sent, they are the ones in whom the Savior lives.

Source: Thomas F. McKenna, C.M. (2015) Vincentian Heritage Journal: Vol. 32 : Iss. 2 , Article 1.

For the more visually oriented among us, you don’t have to wait for the weekly image on Tuesday. You can browse for yourself. You can even search for images related to key words. Visit and search VinFormation’s database of prayer images.

We hope you will enjoy these time-release prayer capsules!

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