Seekers of the Food that Lasts Forever

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus is the bread and drink of life.  The seekers who go to him and believe in him will have their fill; they will never hunger or thirst.

The crowds know that Jesus did not go in the boat with his disciples.  That is why those who look for him go to the place where they expect to see him.  But he is not there.  So, the seekers decide to make the crossing in boats to Capharnaum.

They do find him across the sea and they ask when he got there.  Maybe they want to know more how he got there, if he was not in the boat with his disciples.  The seekers do not know, of course, that he walked on the water.  If they did, the amazing, the magical, would be more their focus and they would lose sight of him.

In fact, he tells them to their faces that they have failed to heed not only him but also his signs.  For he says to them why they look for him.  It is not because they saw signs, but because they had their fill of bread.

No doubt, it is good that they look for him.  But what is not good is that they do the right thing for the wrong reason, which is the greatest treason.

And, of course, Jesus does not want the seekers to sell him for the price of a simple meal.  They should also be clean of hearts.  Or they will not see God nor know the one on whom the Father, God, has set his seal.

The Son of Man calls the seekers to a life to the full. 

Yes, Jesus is the one who has the Father’ seal of approval.  Through his Son, the Father gives us the food that lasts forever and which is worth working for.  There is, then, another kind of hunger; we hunger for more than just food for the body.

We also hunger and thirst for justice, freedom, peace, forgiveness, health, love, mercy, belongingness, dignity, truth, knowledge, wisdom.  And to work for all this kind of food, —for the kingdom of God—,  it is enough for us to go to Jesus and believe in him.

It is so since to turn from seekers into disciples means to be and to live as the Teacher.  And he does not only feed the crowds.  He also proclaims to them the Good News and cures their diseases and illnesses.  He welcomes children and sinners.

No, there is no doubt that Jesus works hard to make the world more just and fit for humans.  In it, all will behave as good brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the same kind Father.  In this family, there will be no one in need.  For there will be mercy, which sets humans apart from animals (SV.EN XII:222).

So, to be and live as Jesus is to assure that all our hearts’ upright desires will come true.   And he, then, will be for us the true bread from heaven that gives life to the world.  We shall never hunger or thirst even if we have to give up our bodies and shed our blood.  For we will still rejoice in him and win through him (Jn 16, 33; Rom 8, 37; Hab 3, 17-19).

Lord Jesus, turn us seekers into disciples.  Grant that we live by your death, die by your life, hide in you, be full of you and live like you to die like you (SV.EN I:276).

1 August 2021
18th Sunday in O.T. (B)
Ex 16, 2-4. 12-15; Eph 4, 17. 20-24; Jn 6, 24-35


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