“Building with Love” to move the 13 Houses Campaign in Ecuador forward

by | Jul 18, 2021 | News

The Vincentian Family in Ecuador is launched the “Building with Love” fundraising campaign to finance the second stage of their “13 Houses” Campaign project as well as some of their other initiatives. The Vincentian Family in Ecuador is a great example of Vincentian collaboration, with 9 branches working together to serve the poorest of the poor.

During the first stage of the project in Puyo, Vincentians built 5 houses and refurbished another 11. They are also finishing the construction of a chapel as part of the project. Now, they want to extend their efforts to Piñas, further to the South. They are aiming to raise up $15,000 through the “Building with Love” Campaign, in order to build another 4 houses. You can watch leaders of the Vincentian Family explaining the project in this interview in Radio María:

The “Building with Love” Campaign will deliver collection boxes to shops, busy public places and to individual families in order to collect funds.

Source:Vincentian Homeless Alliance


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