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Patient and Lowly as Jesus and Farmers

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Formation, Reflections | 1 comment

Jesus is meek and lowly of heart.  He wants us to catch his meekness and lowliness.  Needless to say, the meek and lowly are patient, too, and they put their trust in God.

Jesus is a good and patient Teacher.  And “teacher” is the title he receives more than any other.  And for us, of course, who have faith in him, he is the Teacher.

One of the Teacher’s distinctive traits is that he speaks the Word to the crowds with parables.  He thus speaks as they are able to understand and links his teachings to daily life.  The parables makes it easy for the simple folks to grasp and learn.

But still, there is no lack of those who do not understand, for they are slow or keep their hearts closed.  There are those, too, who understand the teaching but do not accept it.  But Jesus is patient with them all.  He has great patience in particular with those who are to understand better than anyone, his disciples.  They do not understand time and again.

Jesus, yes, bears and has great patience with those who do not understand.  Among them are those who take him as the one to lead them into holy war against Rome.  He makes clear that the kingdom they seek to give back to Israel is not the same as God’s kingdom.

Patient like Jesus and farmers

It is because the setting up of God’s kingdom goes by his schedule.  This schedule is not for those who are in too much hurry, who seek quick successes or fast harvest.  It is not for those with “indiscreet zeal” (CRCM XII:11).  Nor is it for those who trust in their works and, in the end, spoil it all (SV.EN XI:310-311).  God, yes, is like patient farmers.  These cannot but let the seed fall to the ground, die, grow slowly and bear fruit later.

Yes, there will be tough times.  For the violent will try to stop us from welcoming the kingdom (Mt 11, 12).  But as Christ’s suffering, death and rising will reveal later, nothing will be in vain.

That is why we lowly ones trust in God who brings low and brings high, and in Jesus who embodies the kingdom of God.  Patient, we trust the power of the kingdom of God to make a more just and human world.  It is enough that we stay patient and brave as we wait for Jesus’ coming in glory.

But we do not wait with our arms crossed; rather, we stretch them out to sow small seeds.  A warm smile, a sweet gesture or a kind word is enough (SV.EN X:268).  Or to be patient, like the Father and Jesus, with those we may think need to repent.

God uses these little things to prepare us for the great deed.  That is to say, to give our bodies up and shed our blood for others.

Lord Jesus, make us patient and lowly so that we trust in you.  Remind us that the seeds grow, flower and bear fruit due to your tears, blood, works.

13 June 2021
11th Sunday in O.T. (B)
Ez 17, 22-24; 2 Cor 5, 6-10; Mk 4, 26-34


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