Addressing the Homelessness of College Students

by | May 27, 2021 | Formation, Homelessness, Reflections

I now know about the growing problem of college students who are homeless. But initially, I was shocked to read that one in 30 High School students experienced homelessness in the last year. “The hidden homelessness among America’s high school students”

DePaul USA  not only knows about the problem. It is doing something about it, especially for college students.

In April, Depaul USA launched its newest Dax Program in New York City. Partnering with St. John’s University in Queens, the Dax Program is designed to assist homeless and housing insecure college students by providing housing, supportive services, and financial assistance for food, transportation, and academic expenses. 

The Depaul USA Dax Program at St. John’s will provide 10 students with housing in two-fully furnished homes just outside the campus gates. The support from St. John’s leadership, faculty, staff, and students bodes well for the program’s success.

This is part of the Depaul USA effort to expand the Dax Program to propel more students to graduation and connect them with the world of work so that they never experience homelessness again. Since its inception, the Dax Program in Chicago and Philadelphia has served some 100 students. Depaul USA looks forward to reaching more students in the future.

Committing itself to address the issue of college homelessness, Depaul USA established the Dax Program in 2014.The program provides support to move students towards graduation. In Chicago and Philadelphia this innovative program provides:

  • Housing
  • Case management
  • Counseling referrals
  • Transportation
  • Food stipends
  • Textbook assistance
  • Educational reimbursements

From an earlier FamVin story about the Homelessness of college students...

As I said, I knew in my head that I probably ran into people who were homeless but never suspected how many. Then I read “Growing Up Blind: How We Learn not to See Homelessness.”  I began to understand why I did not see the homelessness right before my eyes.


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