Worshipers of the Father in Spirit and Truth

by | May 25, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus embodies what to worship the Father in Spirit and truth means.  Hence, we Christians are to be such worshipers.

We humans can spoil everything (SV.EN XI:247. 249. 310. 313. 388; SV.EN XII]:92. 131. 139).  We spoil worship of God even, and so become false worshipers.  And our feasts, almsgiving, prayer and fasting turn loathsome and a farce.

But Christians should be true worshipers.  And we shall be so, if we keep our gaze on Jesus, on his works and words.  This, of course, asks for intimacy with him; his sap has to flow into us.

And to know Jesus is to know the one who gives the worship that pleases the Father.  For he does the Father’s will even to death (Heb 10, 5-10; Phil 2, 8; Ps 40,7-9).  And one cannot highlight enough that the sacrifice of his body and blood makes us holy.

That is how Jesus loves us to the end.  And since he loves us so, he also shows the Father’s love.  Jesus’ love mirrors, yes, the love of the one who loves so much he gives his only Son.  His experience of the Father’s love that he shares and makes us catch lets those from the outskirts feel as if by touch God’s goodness.  No doubt, St. Joseph’s love helped Jesus not a little to taste God’s goodness.

The Father shows us love so that we become true worshipers.

Jesus’ love for us shows that God is love.  No doubt, God does wonders and saves us with strong hand and outstretched arm.  But he is Father, first of all.  And he even wants us to cry to him in a most tender way, “Abba, Father.”

He is Father, yes, to all, no matter which race, tongue, country we come from.  Men and women of all religions get welcome from him.  He loves the good and the bad, the just and the wicked.

And he is in heaven, yet he stoops from the heights to look down upon earth.  For he raises us who are poor, feeds us and forgives us.  Besides, he takes us by the hand so that we do not fall, so that we be free of evil.

So then, the God that Jesus reveals is not far but near.  Rather than closed to others, he is open to them; he overflows with life and love.  That is why we live, move and have our being.  Due to this, too, his love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.

And through baptism, we are able to plunge into such life and love.  And if we take the plunge, if we overflow with life and love as Jesus, we will be true worshipers.  To be worshipers in Spirit and truth means, yes, to behave as loving children of the same Father.  It is to feed, forgive, strengthen, deliver one another from evil.  If we know the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity thus, our salvation will not be at risk (SV.EN XI:172-173).

Lord Jesus, grant that we take the plunge into the Father’s love and thus become true worshipers.

30 May 2021
Most Holy Trinity (B)
Dt 4, 32-34. 39-40; Rom 8, 14-17; Mt 28, 16-20


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