How to Do Apostolic Reflection

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“According to Hugh O’Donnell, C.M., apostolic reflection is ‘a concrete instance of discernment.’ It is the conviction that God is present in every person, in community gatherings, and in events. To engage in apostolic reflection, we must recognize that every community gathering is sacred and unique because it is made up of sacred, unique persons. Such reflection occurs when we share apostolic and spiritual experiences with each other. This sharing builds community, especially when members of a community are working in different ministries.”

– from the Abstract to the article “Apostolic Reflection” by Hugh O’Donnell, C.M. (Vincentian Heritage Journal)

“Sharing our lives is the way forward.”

– Hugh O’Donnell, C.M.


Here is a simple PowerPoint to guide your group step by step in this process of reflection. These days of course it would be done via video conference such as Zoom.


Download PDF
Download PPT

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  1. tom mckenna

    This is a very useful and simple method. And Hugh O’Donnell’s background article is excellent.