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Ready and Able: A Vincentian Story

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Formation | 1 comment

Following two newly ordained Vincentian Catholic priests during their first year of ministry, this candid documentary captures the joy of living a vocation, the challenges of serving others, and how to find hope in a pandemic.

Frs. Leo Tiburcio, CM, and Luis Romero, CM, are young Vincentian men on a mission to “serve Christ in the poor.”

With open access and honest commentary, we follow Leo and Luis on their first-year journey that was a decade in the making. From being hometown celebrities, to praying over patients in hospitals, to ministering in the ‘new world’ of a global pandemic, one thing is clear: these men are ready and able.

The film is in English, with subtitles. Versions in Spanish, French, and Italian are forthcoming. It runs 14 minutes, 30 seconds, and is a co-production of the Vincentians of the Eastern Province and the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal.

Directed by Steven Whitcombe

Running Time: 14 mins, 30 secs.

Find out more information about The Miraculous Medal Shrine and the Vincentian Order at:

1 Comment


    God bless all Vincentians who hear the voice of God and answer, ‘yes Lord send me’.
    May they continue to do what they love doing.

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