Vincentian Marian Youth December 2020 Newsletter

by | Dec 26, 2020 | News, Vincentian Marian Youth

The youth branch of the Vincentian Family, Vincentian Marian Youth, sends us its December bulletin. In it you can find reflections and testimonies that may interest any member of the Vincentian Family.

Pope Francis, in his new encyclical, invites us to move our from our comfort zone and assist our neighbor and reach out to the less fortunate members of society. We are invited to dream! … to dream together! In many situations, dreaming of something great and endless is often viewed as fantasy and/or a deceitful reflection of life. The arrival of the feast of Christmas shows us that dreams can come true. The Eternal has become flesh and continues to be present among us. There is nothing more powerful than to dream together.

Download the newsletter by clicking on the image (PDF):