Venezuela MISEVI in Mission

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

During the 15 year anniversary of the MISEVI association in Venezuela, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission at the macro level, where all areas of Venezuela participate, could not be carried out. However, a group of 5 MISEVI missionaries – among them Blanca Gonzalez the National President of MISEVI, accompanied by Carmen Colmenarez, Elizabeth Pineda, Mariela Hernández and María Pacheco – embarked on their adventure with the slogan GO WITHOUT FEAR TO SERVE. They decided to go to the mission center located in the Caspito hamlet, 20 km from Sanare Estado Lara, from September 14th until the 23rd. During these days they could experience the beauty of finding Jesus, finding him together. They felt the joy of the faith and the joy of living in community, serving young people and adults who are on their road in JMV, and forming a MISEVI group. Among the activities carried out, they had the opportunity to share the Word, have a formative young adult gathering where they learned about Saint Vincent de Paul’s life, study the document of Vincentian spirituality, and make home visits and a community walk. For the residents of the Capito area, the mission carried out was very encouraging since it was one of hope in times of uncertainty. The paths of hope  are opened despite COVID-19!

Carmen Colmenarez stated that despite the protocols and the sanitation norms, they were never afraid or anxious because they had God’s presence. His victorious hands hold us at all times.

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