Judge the Blessed and the Accursed

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Christ the King is not one to judge by the way we look.  And on the last day, his teachings, by words and deeds, will be our judge.

The Church has been urging us, for two Sundays now, to watch and be ready for the coming of Jesus in glory.  And today the teaching is that his coming spells the last judgment.  For the one we wait and get ready for will judge all nations.

To judge belongs to Jesus, the Son of Man.  That is to say, he will place us on one side or on the other.  He is like the shepherd who places the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

And we are from all nations.  But what country one comes from, or what is one’s religion, this does not matter.  Before our King, there is no slave or free, no male or female, no lay or clergy, no schooled or unschooled.  That is because he deems that all that counts is this:  being merciful or not.

Jesus is mercy in person; he embodies his teaching, “Be merciful as your Father is merciful.”  So then, he shows that he is the Anointed and Sent One of God to bring the Good News to the poor.

Hence, true to his anointing and mission, he goes around towns and villages to teach and to proclaim the Good News.  To cure diseases and illnesses among the people.  To welcome those that the world does not fail to judge as throwable and to push to the outskirts.

So, Jesus goes to the outskirts to meet with the helpless.  He wants a culture of encounter and fellowship of love; he is one with all the wretched people of the world.

Jesus’ teachings by words and deeds will judge us on the last day (Jn 12, 48).

That is who Jesus is.  That is why those who do not feel for those in need and distress cannot dwell with him.  These are not even human and are worse than beasts (SV.EN XII:222).  His words and deeds will become for them a consuming fire from which they will run away.  They will flee from him, yes, to follow what has always been their way of selfishness that leads to eternal curse.

They are blessed, on the other hand, those who live and die in the service of those in need (SV.EN III:384).  In the arms of Providence, and with true renouncement of themselves to follow Jesus Christ.  They assure, yes, their eternal happiness; in Christ they shall all be brought to life.  No doubt, they will be among those to whom the King will say, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father” (SV.EN IX:200).

Lord Jesus, may we never judge the least of your brothers and sisters.  Rather, may we see you in them.  With your Mother, may we be signs of the great things the Almighty does for them.  Grant us, who proclaim your death at your Supper to be ready for your coming.  We will thus be one with you and them in your kingdom.

22 November 2020
34th Sunday in O.T. (A) – Jesus Christ King of the Universe
Ez 34, 11-12. 15-17; 1 Cor 15, 20-26. 28; Mt 25, 31-46

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