Happy and Glad Followers of Jesus

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus shows us by words and deeds what true happiness is.  That is because he wants us to be happy and glad to the fullest.

Jesus proclaims happy the wretched in the eyes of the world.  That is to say, he breaks the mold:  he announces a counterculture; he fosters systemic change.

Such a change, of course, means we have to repent and believe in the Good News as we adapt to it.  And since he does what he preaches, Jesus is himself the change that he wants to bring into our lives. Hence, it is enough for us to do as he does to be happy sharers in the new that now springs forth.

Happy are the true followers of Christ.

Jesus has so wanted to be poor that he has nowhere to rest his head (Lk 9, 58).  And if he is that poor, no true Christian, then, would want to be rich (SV.EN X:166).

Jesus weeps, too.  He weeps as he sees Mary weeps, sorrowful due to the death of her brother Lazarus (Jn 11, 35).  He weeps besides over Jerusalem (Lk 19, 41).  And he offers prayers with loud cries and tears to the Father (Heb 5, 7).

Thus, then, is the Teacher deeply moved and troubled.  And so, what disciple, then, is one who sees a brother suffers and weeps not with him?  Such one will indeed be a caricature of a Christian (SV.EN XII:222).

And Jesus calls to his rest those who labor and are burdened.  He wants us to be happy as we take his yoke and learn from him.  For he is meek and humble of heart; he is eternal sweetness (SV.EN IV:59).  That is why we go to him and lead others to him.

Of course, Jesus is the one God anointed and sent to bring the Good News to the poor.  And he carries out his mission boldly and with clean heart.  He does not shrink in the face of persecution, insults and calumnies on the part of those who are against him.  Not even in the face of death; tirelessly does he seek God’s kingdom and justice.  He is meek, merciful and peaceful; he neither breaks a bruised reed nor quenches a smoldering wick (see Is 42, 2-4).  But he does not falter or yield either until there is justice on earth.

And they will be happy, no doubt, those who live and die serving the needy so (SV.EN III:384).  Their reward will be great in heaven.

Lord Jesus, we eat your body and drink your blood, which commits us to the poor (CCC 1397).  Count us one day among the numberless happy people in your kingdom.  And grant that we see the Father as he is.

1 November 2020
Solemnity of All Saints
Rev 7, 2-4. 9-14; 1 Jn 3, 1-3; Mt 5, 1-12a


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