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Even during this time of pandemic, the Vincentian Family celebrates

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On the morning of September 27th, the Vincentian Family in Escobar (Argentina), moved by the love of God, celebrated the feast of our patron, Saint Vincent de Paul … our celebration consisted of cooking for families we need. We continue the heritage that St. Vincent has given us and we know that our activity cannot cease when the pandemic comes to a conclusion. Many hands became involved in this service project that enable us to share a meal and  food with our sisters and brothers.

Journeying toward the encounter with the neighbor

At noon, many families living in Barrio Mirador received Jesus’ embrace. Many people were consoled and comforted by a gesture of solidarity in which people were provide with healthy and nutritious food.

The Vincentian identity is alive in the midst of the community

In the afternoon, many families set out to celebrate, in a caravan of cars, another anniversary of the message of love and hope who always characterized Saint Vincent de Paul.

Our Patron Saint was seen walking many streets in the city of Escobar, bestowing blessings on homes and carrying a message of hope.

The rainy afternoon was filled with joy and inflamed the hearts of many young people who were able to participate in this mission by bringing to the chapel their many varied and beautiful donations.

May Saint Vincent continue to embrace us with his light so that we might continue to walk along sure and certain paths.


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