Blessed Marta Anna Wiecka, D.C.: selfless service during an epidemic

by | May 24, 2020 | Formation

Blessed Marta Anna Wiecka was a Daughter of Charity who served the sick with great devotion. May 24 is the anniversary of her beatification and May 30 is her memorial. She was from a village in northern Poland which was controlled by Prussia at the time. She was sent to serve at hospitals in an area that is now part of western Ukraine.

During this time of the coronavirus epidemic, the following account is that much more real:

During an epidemic of typhoid fever a young man, who was a nurse and a father, was given the dangerous duty of disinfecting the room of a person ill with typhoid. Seeing this man’s fear for himself and his family, Sister Marta volunteered to take his place. This generosity would cost her her life.


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