Was St. Louise de Marillac the first feminist of France?

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Father Bertrand Collignon of Paroisse Sainte-Louise-de-Marillac in Drancy, France, explains why according to him, St. Louise de Marillac is the first feminist of France!

*video first appeared on the YouTube channel of the Diocese of Saint-Denis

Thank you Fr. Bertrand for sharing this! And more resources…

Live from France: Prayer vigil for the centenary of the beatification of Saint Louise

This year we can celebrate the Feast Day of St. Louise together with Fr. Bertrand’s parish of St. Louise– he has scheduled a time of prayer this Saturday May 9 at 20h15 in Paris (2:15PM Eastern US), to be broadcast live on YouTube

If you don’t understand French, certainly pray along in any language. Link to prayer vigil for the centenary of the beatification of Saint Louise:

Click to watch, May 9 at 2:15 PM Eastern EDT

Video resources

Father has also created two songs using Louise de Marillac’s texts.

The song of meditation of St. Louise: Dieu est mon Dieu: (God is my God)

Song For Mary: Je suis à toi (I’m Yours)

Thank you and happy Feast of St. Louise!

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  1. Name *sulrlucia

    Grazie di questo messaggio sono orgogliosa di essere una Figlia di una Santa femminista

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