Decisions Made by the President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Renato Lima, the International President of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, has recently sent a circular letter addressed to all the members of the Society as well as to the members of the universal church and the worldwide Vincentian Family.

The 16th President General of the Society has had to make a series of extraordinary administrative decisions. These decisions were promoted by the present coronavirus pandemic “which for some weeks the world has had to confront as well as the corresponding strict limitations with regard to the mobility of people on a national and an international level.” This has included making decisions with regard to programmed encounters and rescheduled meetings, activities and events on a national and international level as well as scheduled travel and visits.

Renato Lima concluded his message with the following words:

In prayer and united in faith, we deeply mourn the loss of all precious lives caused by this pandemic. We pray to Lord to deliver us from evil.

At this difficult time, the whole SSVP’s Council General International stands by the Superior Councils, the Vincentian Family and all SSVP members in the world.

Those Superior Councils with financial resources are prompted to make additional donations to the Council General (the Fund for International Solidarity, the CIAD and the Twining Committee) in order to join our international efforts, at this difficult time, with special emphasis on helping the poorest countries.

May mankind get back to normal soon, and may those most affected – the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless and the sick – find the strength to overcome the hardship arising from Covid-19.

Trusting in Divine Providence, we are sure that we will come out of this crisis soon, that this situation will result in a stronger, more united and more supportive mankind, and that our members worldwide, inspired by our Vincentian values, will do their part in this recovery.

Download the complete document by clicking on the following image:

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    Received with thanks. God will surely see us through.

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