Rose de Lima Ramanankavana (Madagascar), New President of the International Association of Charity

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We congratulate Ms. Rose de Lima Ramanankavana, recently elected President of the International Association of Charity (AIC). She resides in Madagascar where she has served the Association in various capacities. We also welcome her as she now becomes the newest member of the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family (VFEC), the coordinating group of the International Vincentian Family. During these days of the global pandemic, we pray that the AIC, under the leadership of Rose, will be protected and blessed as its members continue to serve on the frontlines … something that they have done since their establishment during the time of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Ms. Rose de Lima Ramanankavana, a member of the International Association of Charity, has been elected to the position of International President for the period of 2020-2023; the general council also has new members.

The International Assembly of Delegates 2020, which was to have been held in Bogota, Colombia, had to be cancelled because of the current pandemic. As a result of this unprecedented situation, the election was done electronically. Ms. Rose, in a letter that was sent to all the members, spoke about these matters:

Rose de Lima Ramanankavana

We have been living through a dramatic and exceptional situation for weeks, no country has been spared by this pandemic, many people have died, we have never experienced such a situation and I would like to address all of you who have been affected for weeks now, the countries of Asia, the whole of Europe (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium…), the United States, with thousands of victims already registered.May the Lord welcome them into His presence and give comfort to their families.The countries in Africa and Madagascar have also experienced this chaos, I pray for all of us who are living through these exceptional moments. We have our faith and we live with Jesus through these incredible difficulties.

And in these moments of panic, of anguish, of fear, AIC must move forward; you, the AIC Presidents, had to vote virtually and you elected your President, and the members of the new Executive Board; a new General Manager has been appointed. I am truly grateful to you, because the poor are waiting for us, we must be there, present, to listen to their cries in this global chaos.

You can read the complete letter at the following links:

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