A Kind of Modern Apparition of Mary

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Some time back I wrote about how moved I was by the “appearance” of Catherine Labouré at a Mass celebrated in the  Miraculous Medal shrine Philadelphia. All in attendance were caught off guard when Fr. Michael Carroll, Director of the Shrine, pointed to “Catherine Labouré” appearing in authentic dress walking to the middle of the Shrine. St. Catherine Labouré came to life through an improvisational performance.

Well, there has been a kind of digital apparition of The Miraculous Medal itself, which has been unveiled as a thoroughly revised website. It is a major step forward in using digital media to spread devotion to Mary.

“Come to the foot of the altar. There graces will be shed upon all who ask for them.” Our Blessed Mother to St. Catherine Labouré

Now we can all come to the foot of the altar no matter where we are! My personal reaction is that this website is beautiful, informative, engaging and easy-to-navigate.


The graphics are stunning in their quality. They tell the story of the current manifestations and graces of the Miraculous Medal in a way that is unique to pictures. Of course, there is a page with wonderful videos.


Each page has been carefully thought out with the visitor’s questions in mind.

Each page of the site is filled with information attractively presented. The story of the Miraculous Medal, what one can expect when visiting the shrine, the diversity of visitors, etc.

Each page also features many links for those who wish to follow up on some point that caught their attention on the page.


The site welcomes engagement via the “Your Story” links sprinkled liberally through the site. The people responsible for the site clearly hope to develop an online community where people can share their hopes and concerns.

One part is particularly touching. People share their personal stories of how Mary’s Miraculous Medal touched their lives. These stories invite a response even if just in our hearts.


Navigating the site is very intuitive. Of course, is a “Search Box” to help when something is not intuitive.

Let me add one further reaction to the site. It is inspiring at a number of levels. In a time of so much confusion, anger, divisiveness… visiting this website lifts spirits.

Try it. You will like it! You be the judge!

Remember, O most compassionate Virgin Mary…thank you for giving us the Medal and websites like this for helping us remember.

P.S. Catholic News Service provides the text of Pope Francis’ prayer in this time of uncertainty about the Corona Virus.


  1. Sister Elena Faura

    inspirational, moving and genuine


    Amei a estratégia. Temos que inovar a linguagem sem ferir a verdade. Conservar o essencial com modalidade de adequações em auxílio m prol da adequação ao tempo e a urgente necessidade de compreendermos o que nos falta para vivenciarmos a comunhão da criatura com o Criador.