13 Houses Campaign and Street Children in Kenya

by | Feb 23, 2020 | News | 1 comment

In Kitale (Kenya), the 13 Houses Campaign led by Sister Winnie, DC is thriving. The street children come after sleeping there to the Daughter of Charity Upendo shelter. They come to this haven to wash their clothes, get a spare set of T-shirts and  trousers to keep in their named shelf – the only private, personal space they have in this world! They can shower, eat, receive counselling as well as receive advice with regard to their rights and with regard to avoiding sexual abuse from social workers. The next phase consists of attempting to reconnect them with education and training – this challenge needs our prayers.

More info in Dee Mansi’s Facebook.

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  1. Sr Winnie Mutuku

    “The poor are you Masters” St Vincent Depaul

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