MISEVI International – A Growing Presence

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Formation, News, Reflections

Initiatives.  Seeing the face of Christ in one another, especially in those who are poor.  Responding to a call. Being sent. Sharing the Gospel. Supporting our missions.  Local communities.  This list of words and phrases speaks to all of us in the Vincentian Family, and in very particular ways to us in MISEVI International.

On the heels of the Vincentian Family meeting in Rome, the Leadership Team for MISEVI International met to continue growing into our identity as one of the newer members of the Vincentian Family. The privileges that we experienced at the meeting table were plentiful –

  • Receiving rich cultural perspectives through members who represent 7 different countries
  • Understanding the spirit of many parts in one body through our reflections and discussions
  • Feeling the vitality of spreading the mission by adopting statutes from 2 new countries, Argentina and Slovakia
  • Molding the vision of this new family member by listening to the past and dreaming toward the future
  • Always focusing on Vincentian values, most especially the presence of Christ in each person
  • Learning more about grounding our mission in the Vincentian way while expanding our reach

As lay people, the missionaries are called to live the Gospel call to evangelize so as to be evangelized by those they serve, particularly, those who are living in poverty.  To evangelize, so as to be evangelized!  MISEVI missionaries truly are called to share the presence of Christ with all those they encounter, but not with an attitude that we have something of greater value to offer them. Rather, we receive from them with the Vincentian spirit of humility and meekness, the very presence of Christ that we need.  These missionaries “are called, in particular, to make the Church present and operative in places and conditions where the Church cannot be the salt of the earth unless it is through and by them.” (Lumen Gentium, 33. Paul VI. Vatican Council II. 1964)

MISEVI began in Spain, but now has truly become international.  We are officially in these countries:  Spain, United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Slovakia, Egypt, Poland, Ireland, Lebanon, Argentina. As we put form and substance to new statutes and Spiritual formation plans, we recognize the privilege of this collaboration to share the Vincentian charism and to recognize the many ways that spirit and charism are alive globally.  We are hopefully becoming a listening presence, able to “dwell silently in the truth of the one who speaks.” (John Mogabab)


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