XV Anniversary of the Special Vincentian Catechesis

by | Feb 3, 2020 | News

We celebrate our XV anniversary! Let us, then, give thanks to God, who through the Holy Spirit, has inspired all of us who participate in this wonderful ministry in which we share the charism of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac.

Since October 22, 2004, the first day on which we catechized a group of 10 people with disabilities, God has blessed us. This work of God has continued to grow. Under the protection of the Blessed Mother, we have been able to extend ourselves throughout Mexico.

This integral evangelization is currently taking place on a weekly basis (during the school year) in more than sixty places in Mexico. We have actively participated in the formation of many catechists by workshops in which we explain our simple individualized and personalized method.

At the present time there are some 600 catechists and family evangelizers who care for approximately 900 families. We have centers where these individuals with various disabilities can be cared for (by qualified professions) in accord with their needs.

We celebrated our anniversary with a program that took place in the Saint Pius X Center, the place where we were established fifteen years ago. We began with a Holy Hour (because we have a maxim: No one touches a special Friend or their families if they do not first pray) … during that time we prayed the Liturgy of the Vincentian Hours, which was led by Sister Lisette Marlene Burgunder, DC. We then reflected on a section of the book:  The other look: Jesus and the women, written by Father Honorio Lopez Alfonso, (spiritual advisor for ten years).

The Eucharist was presided by our founder, Father Servando Sanchez Ayala, CM and included the participation of Father Honorio López Alfonso, CM,  Father Rafael Hernández Perea (a priest from the Diocese of Matamoros) and priests from the Saint Pius X Center: Father Gerardo Padilla Enríquez and Father Raúl Zaragoza Medina.

We then went to the Social Center where a simple tribute was made to Father Honorio Lopez Alfonso, CM. We thanked him for his support and counsel and Rosario Aviles (a renowned writer and journalist) also made a presentation.

There was a change in the Board of Directors of CEV and so we thanked our President Lic. Ileana Rodríguez Aldrete for her five years of tireless work and welcomed Gabriela González de Banda.  We were also entertained with songs by Jazmin Estefania Chávez Peña (a blind woman who is a member of the group).

The following day our celebration continued with the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Bishop Eugenio Andrés Lira Rugarcia who also preached the homily. The bishop was accompanied by Father José Carmen Flores (Vicar for the Clergy), Father Honorio Lopez Alfonso, CM, Father Servando Sanchez Ayala, CM, Father Román and the parochial vicar. Father Rubén Darío Arnaiz Jiménez, our National Advisor since 2013 also participated in this celebration.

We give thanks to God and to all those persons who have made it possible for this ministry to continue during these past fifteen years.

Dra. Leticia Ascencio de Lomeli,
National Advisor of CEV.

Translated: Charles T. Plock, CM
Eastern Province (USA)