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CVV 25th Anniversary Celebration and Tribute to Fr. Tom Nelson, CM

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Formation, Reflections

From September 27-29, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers (CVV), which is part of MISEVI – USA, celebrated our 25th anniversary.  That included an evening for our alum on Friday, a Saturday morning gathering in our parking lot and Open House, a Saturday evening dinner at which time we shared reflections on the past 25 years and then also gave a tribute to Fr. Tom Nelson, CM, our chaplain, and a final celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday morning with Fr. Tom Esselman, CM, Fr. Mark Pranaitis, CM, Fr. Tom Nelson, CM, Fr. Paul Golden, CM, Fr. Prudencio Rodriguez, CM, Fr. Andreas Muller, CM, Fr. Hugh O’Donnell, CM, and Fr. Joe Williams, CM. (Please see below for links to the Reflection on CVV and the tribute to Fr. Tom Nelson at the dinner.)

One week later, Fr. Tom Nelson unexpectedly died.  He had lived and worked with us here in Denver for the past 25 years and was a very strong promoter of the Vincentian Family, as he read everything sent by the Superior General over those many years and as he believed in the vision of the Vincentian Family.  He encouraged all of us to see that bigger picture and to connect with the issues presented by the Family over these many years.  He helped to create our own Colorado Vincentian Family mission as well. Below we also share with you his Eulogy.

Dinner Reflection, CVV 25th Anniversary Celebration

Tribute to Fr. Tom Nelson at 25th Anniversary Celebration

Eulogy for Fr. Tom Nelson


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