The Street Children of Kumasi, Ghana

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Workers go into the streets and talk to the street children to teach them the values of the project, to encourage them to visit the Drop-in Center, and to sign them up for formal schooling – having supplied them with clothing and books and meals and paying the fees to go to school. It is a long process and cannot be done in one day. The volunteers also go into the streets to teach young mothers about feeding their children properly, about nutritious food, and at the same time vaccinate the children.

This Street Children Project (SCP) was founded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi in Ghana in 2005 to address the problem of children living on the streets. The program is administered by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul (Sister Olivia, DC [current director]) who work together with dynamic staff members and volunteers.

The Project provides multifaceted services to children living on the streets: counseling, family re-integration, financial support, education and skills training. Currently SCP supports over 300 children in education and skills training. This Project sees workers in the streets reaching out to to these street children  and includes a Drop-in Center where street children can rest, relax, play and participate in informal educational activities, a Day Care Center for the young children of mothers living on the streets and poor women working in the market and a Vocational Training Center where former street girls are offered training in employable skills, literacy programs, and much more.

This program, administered by the Daughters of Charity, works tirelessly to put an end to the sex trafficking of children who live on the streets.  Recently, the director went to Rome to explore other ways and means to put an end to this modern day form of slavery. These efforts continue as more and more youngsters are saved from the degradation of the street.


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PDF Presentation about the project (scroll down to view all pages)

Thank you to Georgia Hedrick for sharing this presentation.


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  1. georgia hedrick

    Yup! I am the editor of DO YOU HEAR THE CHILDREN SINGING? i AM happy to see that this piece has shown up in FamVin and I commend Monica on her work to show this worthy project of the Archdiocese of Kumasi under the Daughters of Charity. This is real outreach. In others are able, wire donations to Sister Olivia Umoh through Western Union or contact her through the email address at the bottom of the last page. She DOES respond. The clothing, the books, the supplies all have to purchased. Donations do that. Email. Get ideas from Sister. Remember there are 120 MILLION KIDS roaming the streets in Africa, India and South America. They need direction and clothing and an education. Those who have must give to those to have not. Please / georgia hedrick

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