Can you Help us Publish a CD of Vincentian Music?

by | Sep 5, 2019 | News

During 2019 we celebrated the first International Vincentian Music Festival, under the theme: “Followers of Jesus Christ, servants of the poor” (our initial outreach was to the Spanish speaking members of the Vincentian Family).

47 songs from 14 different countries were presented. You can hear all the songs on the festival website, at the following link:

Now, we want to publish a commemorative Compact Disk with 18 of those songs, professionally recorded. Can you help us?

How can we unite the many different people who follow in the footsteps of St. Vincent de Paul? Through music, of course!

We invited all Spanish-speaking members of the Vincentian Family to submit original songs about Vincentian spirituality. We received dozens of responses and have selected the 18 best songs for distribution. Now we seek your help in the next steps of the process! A professional engineer is needed in order to make “these songs sing”! The songs will then a consistent sound quality across the various platforms and will move people’s hearts!

The great news is that once we produce the Spanish songs, we will do the same in other languages. The funds raised from selling the Spanish disc will fund the engineering of the next language’s songs. . .and so on and so on. Your investment will help us provide hundreds of songs, in multiple languages, that will inspire Vincentians to love God and serve people living in poverty with the dignity and grace they deserve.

You can listen to one of the songs here (unfinished demo version):

The budget for this work is $8,000. If you can help us, any amount will be welcome. You can do it through the GoFundMe gateway, which we have opened, by clicking on the image below:

Thank you very much!



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