XVII CIF Meeting for Members of the Congregation of the Mission

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Congregation of the Mission, News

From October 1 to 31, members of the Congregation of the Mission from all over the world will gather for the traditional meeting of ongoing formation on Vincentian Heritage.

CIF meeting for the confreres of the Congregation of the Mission 

Dear confreres:

We want to invite you to what we call “Inheritance.” St. Vincent was one of the creators of Ongoing Formation of the clergy through the Tuesday Conferences. We know that ongoing formation has no end — it is a life-long task.

What will we do? It has been said that the danger of any consecrated person or any congregation is to begin to live comfortably in the shadow of their glorious founding history. That danger can also happen to us. The temptation is to be content with what our Founders and other illustrious CM confrefres have done. That is, to remember how great they were in their prophetic commitment on behalf of the poor, without reflecting on the meaning of all of this for ministry today. The CIF program seeks revitalization. We will take a serious look at the past. But we will not be content with those past events. We will try to see what are the most urgent problems in the life of the poor, seeking possible solutions from the perspective of charity and mission, and discerning how to act in the face of the many challenges we face. As you can see, it is a way of “injecting new sap” into the living out of our charism. Having lived several years of missionary life, we have already experienced difficulties, failures and inconveniences. This program  will give us the tools to renew ourselves through formation, prayer and living together in community. It will be a time to rethink our life, the stages of life and the contribution of the congregation to the world. We will ask ourselves what is the meaning of life and how we want to live as members of the Congregation of the Mission, servants of the poor. Likewise, we will incorporate the lines of action as outlined in the Final Document of the 42nd General Assembly which propose the following commitments:  Solidary, Intercultural, Collaboration and the good news of mercy. Finally, we will dedicate some time to deepen our understanding of the rules and Constitutions.

Where and when will this program take placeWe will stay at the Motherhouse in Paris, located at 95, rue de Sèvres. On the left bank of the Seine. From October 1 to 31, 2019.

Is there more information? Yes, the session will be conducted in English, Spanish and French. The total cost of the one-month session is 2,200 €. It includes accommodation, meals, conferences, pilgrimages and material. A very affordable price for what the current costs are in France and particularly in Paris.

To confirm the presence of the participants (or for further informtion) I ask you to write to me at andresmotto@gmail.com


Fr. Andrés R. M. Motto, C.M.
C.I.F. Director



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