Meeting of the Vincentian Family in Nicaragua

by | Aug 5, 2019 | News, Vincentian Family

“So, my brothers, we should work incessantly for perfection and for doing our actions well, so that they are pleasing to God and in this way we can be worthy of helping others.” Saint Vincent de Paul, December 6, 1658

On July 20, 2019, the branches that make up the National Council of the Vincentian Family gathered at Casa Bethania (Community of the Daughters of Charity) in Boaco, Nicaragua, represented by their presidents, officials and consecrated advisors. Their objective: to focus on the journeys of the branches in each region, to evaluate the activities carried out in the last quarter and to plan and coordinate future activities.

Starting with an Invocation of the Holy Spirit and expanding on the scheduled agenda, we were encouraged by one of the conferences of St. Vincent de Paul: “If we realized the calling and mission to such a Holy Service, we would act differently.” We evaluated and confirmed that the love of the charism is capable of creating unity in the midst of the diversity we are living in the socio-political and economic environment of our country.

The fruit of the National Encounter was evident, with the presence of brothers and sisters from different regions that make up the Vincentian Family in Nicaragua, gathering in order to share and grow in love for the charism through formation. In this way we are bringing to life the conclusions that emerged from FAVILA (Vincentian Family of Latin America) and were reaffirmed in FAVICA (Vincentian Family of Central America) of June 2019, in El Salvador, to revitalize prophecy as a legacy we receive in our Baptism, which helps us discover the innumerable poverty that concerns our country and thus, knowing how to respond with courage and boldness to the challenges that are presented daily to which we are called to work in Solidarity and Unity.

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