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Vincentians Help Families Who Have Lost Everything During the Rains in Pernambuco (Brazil)

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Disasters and Responses, News, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

June 24, feast of Saint John the Baptist, would have been a memorable day if it were not for the sad reality that many people in Pernambuco faced. The heavy rains have afflicted the inhabitants of the most deprived communities of the metropolitan region of Recife. There are already nine recorded deaths, in addition to numberless families who have lost everything.

The headquarters of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s Metropolitan Council in Olinda and Recife had its ceiling compromised and suffered the risk of collapse. The president of the Vincentian Unit, Sister Sonia Cavalcanti, requested help from the National Council of Brazil (CNB) and obtained resources to repair the roof.

In light of the present situation, everyone is helping as best they can. In the Central Councils of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Olinda, Recife and Recife Norte – the areas most affected by these heavy rains – the Vincentians visit the communities and identify the primary needs of the people. Having obtained this information, they are requesting help on social networks and have obtained donations of all kinds: food, clothing, furniture, etc.

The families most affected by the rains had not previously been assisted by the SSVP; however, now they need emergency support from the Vincentians. “People are sensitized to the pain of their brothers and sisters, regardless of whether they have already been assisted or not,” says sister Sonia.

Anyone who wants to help can contact the Metropolitan Council of Olinda and Recife, located at Rua Velha, 210, Boa Vista, Recife. Tel (81) 3231-4748. E-mail:

Next, a video made by a family at the time when the water almost invades their home:


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