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Vincentian Solidarity Office – Annual Report for 2018

by | Jun 28, 2019 | News | 1 comment

“We are living on the patrimony of Jesus Christ, on the sweat of the poor. The poor feed us.”  – St. Vincent de Paul

Dear friends,

This quote speaks to the blessings found in sacrifice of Christ, and the sacrifices of the poor. According to Vincent de Paul, the poor take the place of Christ. The faithful poor serve God and neighbor even when burdened by anxiety, sickness, and poverty. They know the power of sacrifice, and are free to love fully.

At the Vincentian Solidarity Office, the prayers and the sacrifices of the poor encourage our work. The poor teach us about the power of sacrifice to release genuine love. The power of sacrifice is the touchstone of missionary life and service. Our missionaries give themselves in service to vulnerable populations, burdened by the lack of food, shelter, and personal safety. In sharing with the poor, they too are enriched as human beings. By supporting the projects of the VSO, you share in the power of sacrifice to liberate and transform lives.

Please know, then, how your generous support encourages our missionaries, and that in giving it, you are united to God through the power of sacrifice. In this report, we present the projects of our missionaries you assisted in 2018.

Thank you!

In St. Vincent,
Fr. Gregory Semeniuk, C.M.
Executive Director

Click on the image to download the Report:

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  1. Sr. Marjory Ann Baez

    Thank you for a great report!

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