Do you know those fabric panels in which companies advertise on the streets? When they became old and are removed, brother Manoel Lima transformed the fabrics into uniforms for the students of the Naturezinha Soccer School. The lack of resources prevented children and adolescents from training and competing with appropriate clothing.

Students of the Naturezinha Soccer School.

Today it is not like that. The uniforms made of old fabrics are memories that remained in the past. Sponsored by Social Projects of the National Council of Brazil (CNB/SSVP), the situation has changed. The nearly 7,000 Brazilian reals donated allowed to give suitable uniforms to all athletes, as well as buy other equipment, for example professional soccer balls.

The Naturezinha Football School was founded by brother Manoel 10 years ago, in Samambaia, a very poor satellite city of the Federal District. The whole project is carried out through donations. He also volunteers to train the boys.

The idea of ​​creating the school arose to take children and adolescents out of the streets. “The parents were working and the children had nothing to do. The main problem was that these folks could get involved in dangerous matters. Being in soccer school this does not happen anymore. The parents remain calm, knowing that the children are in a very healthy environment,” says brother Genival Lopes da Silva, one of the Vincentians responsible for registering the initiative in Social Projects.

School of winners

The resource donated by the CNB does not only mean giving uniforms to the athletes. With the clothes, now they can participate in the championships.

One of the alumni, even, already trains in the junior team of the Soccer Club of São Paulo. “See, brothers and sisters, the SSVP is already champion,” celebrates Genivaldo.


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