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Workshop on Trafficking in Persons in Costa Rica

by | Jun 10, 2019 | News, Vincentian Family

On April 6 and 7, 2019, the Vincentian Family in Costa Rica lived with great enthusiasm the “Workshop on Trafficking in Persons,” given by Sr. Genoveva Nieto Guerrero, DC, of Colombia and Sr. Lidia Cruz, DC of Guatemala. During the two days we were engaged in an interesting and beneficial workshop that allowed us to analyze the magnitude of this new slavery of the 21st century, that attacks children, adolescents, youth, adults, the elderly and the whole human family in general. Forty-two people participated from different branches of the Vincentian Family and other guests, through the methodology: “see, judge, act.” With the help of various activities, we delved deeper into this problem that Costa Rica confronts … a situation in which the human person is bought and sold for sexual exploitation, labor, begging, forced marriages, sale of organs, etc.  At the end of the workshop, a real commitment was acquired, with concrete project proposals focused on addressing this problem. Using social networks, a whatsapp group was formed with all those who participated in this workshop, to facilitate communication and channel all information that strengthens and helps to follow up as a Vincentian Family.  Therefore, we are able to join forces and say: “Together as the Vincentian Family in Costa Rica, we are against trafficking of persons.”


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