Triduum is important. It’s the center of the Church year. It marks the center of our lives as Vincentians as well. The creativity that is “inventive unto infinity” needs time to re-center itself as well.

So it is with those of us who serve at .famvin as well: we will be praying for you all this Triduum.


.famvin will go “inactive” until Easter Monday morning, April 22. We, like you, will be allowing ourselves to fed by the liturgies of the Lord’s dying and rising.


“And isn’t that the story of many of us believers today: living with two imaginations, as it were, both of them operating at the same time. Living somewhere in that disorienting juncture between the already and the not yet, living in the border land between the secular and the sacred where different imaginations run up against each other and roil our waters.” (Thomas F. McKenna, C.M.)



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